Company Details

Mercy International Association Limited

Registered Office:
Mercy International Association
11 Adelaide Road,
Dublin 2

Registered in Ireland.
Certificate Number 194263

Registered Charity no.: CHY 10078

MIA Directors and Members

Margaret Casey rsm, Colette Cronin rsm, Sheila Carney rsm,  Denise Fox rsm (Board Chair MIA), Susan Clark, Ron Ashworth, Kevin Hoy, Mary Moorhead

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Elizabeth Davis rsm, Marian Ladrera rsm, Colette Cronin rsm, Philomena Bowers rsm, Dolores Magee rsm, Katrina Fabish rsm, Berneice Loch rsm, Margaret Casey rsm (President MIA), Patricia McDermott rsm.

Loreto Conroy rsm, Mary-Louise Petro rsm and Catherine Reuter rsm (Associate Members)

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